Brontė by Polly Teale

Brontė will be on tour in west Devon and east Cornwall in November 2019.  Provisional dates are:

Saturday 9th November
Coronation Hall, Mary Tavy

Tuesday 12th November
Meavy Parish Hall

Friday 15th November
Primraf Theatre, Callington

Saturday 16th November
Sterts Studio, Upton Cross

Friday 22nd November
Town Hall, Tavistock

Saturday 23rd November
Charter Hall, Okehampton

Director: Stuart Waterworth

Brontė is a 2005 play about the lives of the Brontė sisters, their brother Branwell and their father Patrick. It also features characters from the sisters' novels such as Cathy and  Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.

      Auditions have recently taken place but casting has not yet been finalised.

Some notes from the Director about the roles:

There are six parts in the play. 


Charlotte -

who also becomes Jane Eyre from time to time.

Emily -

who is determined but is often overruled by Charlotte.

Anne -

who is the younger and perhaps most timid of the three.

The ages of these actresses will very much depend on who wishes to play these parts but I need to ensure the credibility of their relationships.  If possible all three ought to have Yorkshire accents.


One actress will play the roles of Mrs Rochester (Bertha) and Cathy from Wuthering Heights.  I am flexible on the age of the actress although I think that what I have in mind will probably suit the younger person.


There are two male parts, Rev Patrick Brontė, but the actor will need to play three other characters, and Branwell, with the actor again playing two other characters.  Rev Brontė ought to have a soft Irish accent and ideally Branwell should have a Yorkshire accent.


This will be a physical production and i would like the cast to contribute as much as possible to the way we stage it.