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The Cast

Charlotte Brontė - Janine Plunkett
Emily Brontė - Jeni Boardman
Anne Brontė - Annabelle Byrne
Branwell Brontė - Tim Sutton
Patrick Brontė - Paul ffitch
Cathy/Bertha - Bella Reid

Director - Stuart Waterworth

There is still an opportunity to be involved with this production behind the scenes or front-of-house.

Director's Notes

I first came across this play a few years ago when a friend of mine in the Midlands said she was directing it. It sounded wonderful and I immediately bought a copy. Here was a play in which the writer explores the lives of the three sisters and their doomed-to-failure brother, through their own lives and the lives of the well-known characters they created.

In 1845, Branwell returns home in disgrace, plagued by his addictions. As he plunges into alcoholism, bringing chaos to the household, his sisters write. The tensions of the house are exposed and Polly Teale shows how each of the girls created their characters and the real people on whom they were based.

It is a clever and exciting play taking us through the important years in the family as they suffered the highs of success and the lows of their losses. As with any family, there are laughter and tears, satisfaction and frustration, love and loss. One of the most challenging plays the Tavonians have tackled for some time, it promises with a young and enthusiastic cast, to make the autumnal evenings glow.

Stuart Waterworth