Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones

This charming comedy drama will be on tour in March 2019.

Director Stuart Waterworth.


Felix Humble – A mid-30s theoretical astrophysicist from Cambridge. He is our main character and most noticeable is his stutter caused by his nervousness.

Flora Humble – Beautiful and self-centered, Flora is the mother of Felix and her need for absolute power attributes to problems in relationships with the people around her.

George Pye – Confident, well-built, modern, and big band music savvy. George is the complete opposite of James Humble, the deceased father of Felix. He plans to marry Flora.

Rosie Pye – Daughter of George and former girlfriend of Felix. She is a nurse and also has a 7-year-old daughter that she believes to be Felix’s.

Jim – The gardener of the estate, he is an old man in his 60s. He is virtually ignored by everyone in the play until the end. He is the only source in which Felix can truly confide.

Mercy Lott – Friend (although seemingly a slave) of Flora, she is kind but doesn’t seem to be all there. She has a secret crush on George Pye.

About the play:

Felix Humble is drawn back to his family home after the death of his father, a biology teacher and amateur beekeeper. There in the garden he finds his waspish mother Flora, her downtrodden friend Mercy and suspiciously ever-present local businessman George Pye, whose daughter Rosie was once involved with Felix. A luncheon is arranged…

Felix is an astrophysicist who discovers that solving the riddle of his emotional life is considerably more challenging than the quest for a unified string theory.

Charlotte Jones’ witty family comedy won the Critics’ Circle Best New Play Award following its premiere at the National Theatre in 2001.

‘Very very funny... this is a seriously wonderful play.’
Sunday Times

‘Rich, original, intelligent, funny and touching... I can’t recommend this lovely play too highly.’
Daily Telegraph