Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense

Plans are being made to take this great comedy on tour at some time in the future. 

Director Di ffitch

The cast consists of three roles, Jeeves, Wooster and another butler called Stebbings.  There will also opportunities to be involved in the production back stage.

An inventive, fast-paced comedy featuring P.G. Wodehouseís iconic double act and based on his delightfully bonkers stories. Winner of the 2014 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

When a country house weekend takes a turn for the worse, Bertie Wooster is unwittingly called on to play matchmaker Ė reconciling the affections of his hostís drippy daughter Madeline Bassett with his newt-fancying acquaintance Gussie Fink-Nottle. If Bertie, ably assisted by the ever-dependable Jeeves, canít pull off the wedding of the season heíll be forced to abandon his cherished bachelor status and marry the ghastly girl himself!