Stonesthrow Soundplays is a series of plays that will be distributed via hospital radio, through Talking Newspapers or on the Internet.  We hope to use new writing for all plays.

We have made our first recording and we are working on our second play.

Sound Play Scripts:
We are not currently asking for scripts, however if you think you might like to submit a play for future consideration please do get in touch. 

Project Leader: Graham Goddard,

For our second play we've selected a wonderful script,
Kiddo and the Gooseberry Bush by Jayne Newton Chance.  Recordings have been made and the play is currently in the technical production stage.
For more information contact Ali Fife Cook,


No.1 in the Stonesthrow Soundplays series

Buying Time by Kit Walkham

Robin Carter: Peter Griffith
Sandra Carter: Kate Walker
Neville White: Stuart Waterworth
Claire White: Diane Hooper
Susie Carter: Jayne Newton Chance
Other parts: Alison Wright, Elizabeth Cole,
Rosy Griffith, Michael Fife Cook

Director: Ali Fife Cook
Technical Producer: Graham Goddard

This play will be available to download but is currently only available on CD, which can be ordered for 4, plus 1.50 postage and packing.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card via PayPal, to